The Event

AberFest was an exciting, one-day music festival held in The Tunnels, Aberdeen on April 23rd from 4pm-10pm. The festival was in aid of AberNecessities; an aberdeen based charity that worked on providing essential items to unprivileged families. The line-up included local bands and DJs across two stages, including ‘Joyful’, ‘Chameleon Lady’ and ‘All Night Passion!’ In addition, AberFest had a popular local food stalls, a VIP Lounge and charity activities.


My Role

My role as the PR, Marketing, and Social Media Manager held profound significance. With the festival dedicated to supporting AberNecessities, my responsibility was to not only spotlight the event and shape its identity and essence, but to emphasise the charity and their amazing work.

I mainly used social media, and it was like turning a cool idea into campaigns that actually worked. These campaigns got all kinds of different people curious and excited. I did this by posting smart stuff, sharing interesting stories, and coming up with things for people to do online. All of this made more and more people interested in AberFest.

But what really made this job special was how I could do things my way and work with a great team. This team was all about big goals and working together. So, I could take my creative ideas and make them real for the festival. This creative freedom let the festival have its own vibe that really clicked with the people who came, mixing up music, community, and a good cause.

Even though everyone on the team had their own important roles, the festival's success depended on all of us working together. We had to make sure everything flowed smoothly, and each person's input was like a puzzle piece fitting perfectly.

My job wasn't just about promoting stuff, though. It was like being a storyteller. This let the festival be more than just a show—it became an experience. It showed how when you're passionate and work together, you can take an event and make it even better than anyone thought possible.

Brand Identity

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AberFest's brand identity isn't just a bunch of fancy words—it's like a colorful masterpiece that brings together what makes it truly special with its big dreams. This whole identity thing is a mix of lively pictures, messages that really hit home, and values that are just part of its core. All of this works together to show off what makes the festival totally unique, what it's trying to do that's really important, and the big things it wants to achieve.

By keeping things looking the same way, sounding like they belong together, and telling stories that grab your attention, AberFest's brand identity becomes this recognisable thing that also inspires people. It's like a lighthouse saying, "Hey, it's us!" and making people feel like they're part of something exciting. This whole setup shows off AberFest's energetic dreams and gets folks all hyped up, while also making everyone feel like they're part of this awesome and diverse group.

Social Media Presence

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